Areas we work in and with



Church Mobilization partners with several other NGO’s , helping design , build and staff education and training centres in the two thirds world. Many of these locations are in very remote locations were children have limited or no access to quality education. 

Often these schools are run in partnership with orphanages. Through the years we have seen many children graduation from High School go onto Higher education as university’s or Polytechnics. This emerging generation are now playing it forward and now help staff these programs.


Mobilization and empowerment of people are primary drivers of Church Mobilization. We have many online resources, that help equip, inspire people locally and internationally.

Mission Enablers  & Global Impact Courses.

These are mini courses, designed  for in-house training in churches and Bible Colleges helping prepare and release people in Short, Medium and Long Term Global Missions .

The Great Commission is foundational to healthy and dynamic discipleship and church Growth.

Five keys areas are addressed

  1. Missions is Biblical
  2. Missions is Historic and imperative
  3. Missions is Cross Cultural
  4. Missions is Strategic
  5. Mission is for Everyone ( Each of us can have an effective role & partnership)