Building Strong Mission Culture into the heart of local churches.

About Us

Equipping the church for mission

Church Mobilization is a neutral entity helping facilitate, equip, coach, mobilize churches, denominations/ networks and individuals for strategic, global (local & international) missions.

Our heart and vision is to intentionally develop the outward focus of churches to their nation and the nations of the world. We train, equip, mentor and release people to plant churches locally and internationally, while fostering Global mission initiatives.

Each church has is unique: We help each church discover and deploy this uniqueness. Mobilizing people and churches according to their gifting in God is the key to fulfilling the Great Commission. We help discern, develop and deploy this uniqueness.

We work along side churches in Best Church Growth Practices, helping guide and strengthen each Church in their Growth and development. Bottom line is to Mobilize People & Churches for Local & International Mission.

“There is a new wakening of the priority of the Great Commission across the landscape of the Global Church. Church leaders are reequipping and redeploying their resources, as they discover Jesus last command should be our First Priority.” Pastor Phil Richardson – International Director & Founder

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Areas we work in and with



Asia Pacific

We work with people that are making a profound difference and impacts N.G.O’s, Medical Missions, Micro Enterprises, Leadership seminars and Childrens ministry’s.


We work closely with missionaries from multiple agencies and Indigenous church leader’s though-out the continent of Africa.


Church Mobilization is a registered charity in New Zealand, yet we work with many European Partners based in the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA.


We take great delight in connecting church’s and short term teams, with a variety of projects. Partnersing closely with Pacific2Nations. 

Our Vision

To Support, Activate and Mobilize the Body of Christ to be Strategic and relevant in Local and International Mission. 


  • Connecting like visioned Churches, Ministries and field partnerships together for greater effectiveness.
  • Working with; local churches, their leaders and Networks towards a collaborative Church Centered Mission.


  • Coaching and Training the wider Body of Christ in the New Paradigms of Modern Mission.
  • Assisting Churches discover their Unique DNA, so they can maximize their effectiveness in the World.
  • Connecting with and Empowering Business leaders for Kingdom Ministry.
  • Helping clarify local church Vision and identify their Ministry impact.

Kingdom Catalysts:

  • To embrace the conviction that true community transformation requires moving beyond peaceful co-existence into a deeper, Holy Spirit inspired unity.
  • This unity bears fruit through understanding and partnering with other churches and streams at local, national and international levels.

Christian Business Leaders:

  • Championing the Corporate business leaders for Mission in the work place and in micro-enterprising.

Supported Mission Organisations

Ready for Missions?

We have interactive Tools and Coaching Support to help equip your church in Strategic Missions according to your specific DNA.